maxresdefaultOne thing I have liked about this class is that it has exposed me to some different tools, and that includes assessment tools. For me this part of the course really drove home the point to think outside of the box for testing students. The purpose of testing is really to find out where your students are at and not so much about coming up with a grade.

The entrance exam below was created using a ‘padlet’.  I think students will enjoy reading their peers posts as well as giving some more thought about what they choose to post.

The formative assessment below was used to see how students are doing in a unit, and in this case I wanted to create a checklist using google docs. One of the things I wanted to do a little bit differently with my checklist was to enable students to go to each task by clicking on a hyperlink. I thought this would help students keep track of their assignments, and also take them immediately to any areas they still needed to work on.

For the summative assessment I really was intrigued with the idea of giving student a “real time” test. I tried using first a program called Kahoot, but it did not have all of the things which Socrative has. I again liked how easy it was to use and was impressed on how it gave immediate feedback to students.

So feel free to click on the links below. For the summative you will need to type in the room number below along with your name.

One entrance exam- What do you already know?????

Formative assessment / Check off list

Summative Assesment for Westward Expansion: Room: XZ6VB8U0


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